Gamania 橘子集團全新企業形象影片,透過12個橘子的網路符號,詮釋集團貼近與消費者生活的每個環節,打開全生態服務,為人們探索生活的無限可能,展現橘子集團 have a GOOD TIME! 的品牌精神。

“have a Good TIME” is a campaign for the brand relaunch of Gamania Group, which is a major digital entertainment corporation based in Taiwan. Now the group further expands its scope into a new era of the digital lifestyle. The campaign titled “have a GOOD TIME” to showcase that what the group did is “beyond game, into life”.

Following the campaign theme, the design team develops a series of key visuals and an image promo presenting the group’s range of services, including their game experience, online payment service, cross-border eCommerce, streaming media, crowdfunding service, and digital business solution.

Featuring a series of visual metaphor in quick cuts against a surreal background, the motion graphics conveys both the personalities and new energy of the group.


▒ Credit

客戶 Client|Gamania 橘子集團
動態影像統籌 | 白輻射影像 Whitelight Motion
導演 Director:洪鈺堂 Rex Hon
創意 Concept & Storyboard:許芳瑜 Fang-Yu Hsu 、齊慕夷 Morris Chi、夏浩泉 Roy Hsia、陳聖勛 Sheng-Hsun Chen、賴曼琳 Peter Mann
美術 Styleframe:陳志育 Ida Chen
主動畫設計  Lead Animator:余鐵非 Tieh-Fei Yu
動畫 Motion Design : 巫思霈 SihPei Wu、陳亮宇 LightFish Chen
動態設計 2D Motion Designer : 許凱鈞 Kai Chun Hsu
渲染 Lighting & Rendering:陳志育 Ida Chen
合成 Compositing:許凱鈞 Kai Chun Hsu
聲音製作 Music & Sound Design Production:王文星 Wenhsing Wang

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