To promote Chinese Han Shue, HelloKongzi in NYC will employ a Chinese culture and new media exhibition in Grand Central. 360 degree projection mapping of Confucius is the most spectacular part of the exhibition: It is a new 3D technology which plays with light and objects, mimicking the real environment projected upon. Through this, the Confucius image can be vividly presented.
This 3D projection mapping video is based on a three-act structure: ‘Enlightenment’, ‘Inheritance’ and ‘Integration’. As the narrator, Confucius will lead the video to introduce the spirit of Chinese Han Shue, as well as his dream of world peace. Combining modern design with the latest technology (Glitch), the images and scenes will be disassembled and reconnected in the video to surprise the audience. HelloKongzi in NYC wishes to express our respect for Chinese Han Shue by planting the seeds of Chinese culture here in New York City, hoping they will grow and continuously spread love and peace throughout the world.  

Project Manager: Yi-Feng Li
Creative Director: Yu-Ting Feng
Motion Designer: Hank Liu, Rex Hon, Alon Chitayat,Chia-Lung Liu
AV System Engineer: Laura Wickesberg
Sculpture Artist: Lucas Strzelec
Content Designer: Yu-Ting Feng, Hank Liu, Rex Hon (Whitelight Motion), Yi-Chen Lin
Composer/Sound Effect Designer: Shuo-An Chen
Surround Sound Mixing Designer/ Engineer:Shao-Ting Sun
Multimedia Illustrator:Rosalie Yu
Showreel Editing:Rex Hon (Whitelight Motion)
Background Music:It Takes Two To Tango - 2 Bit Gangster
MAKING OF / Projection Mapping Design
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